Lately, My job doesn't go well, then, grandpa passed by.

My emotion getting worse and worse.

I can't cry out, I just don't know why.

Everyday I go to office and work hard, I always feel exhausted

when I go back home. Sometimes I feel huge anger and depress at

the same time.

I wanna change, but I don't know what am I suppose to do.

Get another job? Will it better or worse?

What kind of job could give those thing I want?

I feel panic about quit or not.

I have to have steady income to make my family think I'm grow-up.

Actually, I'm not. I still child-like and independent.

How sad I am. SO ridiculous and funny.

I came home at 9:30 tonight, exhausted to death, breathless.

Dear manager, you really think work overtime can make our grade better?

Don't Dream it! You idiot!

See! I'm getting out of control of myself......

I know it's not good, I do know. But I feel helpless.

My best friend in office decided quit last week, another one had worked

in another bank since April 1st.

If she leave, then I'm all alone.

They are the only friends since I got this job.

I have no time to meet new friends, and old friends keeps leaving....

"leave" "me" "alone" here.

This one is so negative.."I know"...but I can't help with that.

Ps. Even I write so emotional article like this, I still get no tear drop....

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